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Omega released the 2018 "Dark Side of the Moon", Apollo 8 (ref. The 50th anniversary of Apollo 8's mission, which gave humans the first-person view of the darkside of the Moon for the first time, was marked by the release of 311. (ref.

The "Dark Side of the Moon", Apollo 8 is a very sexy timepiece. It was only when I saw the ceramic Speedmaster Alinghi, and not the latest Speedmaster, that I realized how expressive this high-tech timepiece could be. The watch celebrates Omega's America's Cup winning team and their partnership.

Omega's partnership and the world-class Swiss sailing team, Alinghi, is celebrated in the 2020 Speedmaster Alinghi.

The last time I remember being this enthusiastic about sailing was back in the early 2000s when Audemars Piguet teamed up with Alinghi to create the forged carbon fiber Offshore. Alinghi has partnered with other brands since then,Replica Watches but this latest collaboration is stunning.

Omega claims that the dial of the Apollo 8 is very similar, with a racing seconds track on the dial for the chronograph second, and a sapphire revealing the movement. This calibre 1865 has a thinner, lighter design.

The sapphire dial shows the mainplate with its laser-ablated decoration and solid racing seconds track.

The caseback of the Speedmaster Alinghi displaying the 1865 caliber which has also been decorated with laser ablation in order to reflect the honeycomb-like effect similar to the interior carbon hull of the Alinghi boat.

The mainplate and the bridges were decorated using laser ablation with a carbon fibre motif, which resembles Alinghi’s new TF35 catamaran’s carbon fiber hull. BlancPain replica watches The minute counter is at 3 o’clock and has a red display which can be used to show either 3 or 4 minutes tactical time before the race begins.

The traditional subdial for the hour has been replaced at 6 o’clock with an aluminum disc shaped like the Alinghi Logo. It doesn't matter if you are a Speedmaster or yacht racing fan, the design of the Speedmaster Alinghi looks stunning.

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